Monday, October 15, 2007

Big/Little Fall 2007!

As many may know, Melissa has become involved in her sorority again while being at home this year, and was given the opportunity to take another little sister. After a long week of clues, gifts, and driving down to West Chester every night last week, the Big/Little Reveal was fun and exciting. Afterwards, her entire Phi Sig Family went out to dinner at the Olive Garden.

Big & Little

Big Big, Big, & Little

Our Growing Family!

<3 The Chrastina's

Monday, October 1, 2007

Bath Time for Bailey!

And then after all that playing Bailey needed a bath, since he was covered in dog slobber and dirt! Look at that sudsy little puppy!!!

<3 The Chrastina's

Bailey at the Bark Park!

Yesterday morning Melissa took Bailey to a Bark Park in Fort Washington with Aunt Laurie, Brent, and Tugger. They were joined by more than 20 other dogs in the area and spent hours running around and playing together!

<3 The Chrastina's

WCU Homecoming 2007!

On Saturday Melissa went down to West Chester University to celebrate homecoming with her sorority sisters, the lovely ladies of Phi Sigma Sigma! It was a good time getting to see all the alumni and the newer sisters with an afternoon of snacking and chatting (and for some, lots of drinking)! It was a beautiful day!

(The Alumni)

(Big & Little)

(The Alpha Gamma's)

(Catelyn & Jenny)

<3 The Chrastina's


Melissa received a surprise a work last Saturday, flowers from Griffin! Aren't they beautiful?! And the vase is soooooo funky and neat!

<3 The Chrastina's

Jean's & Mom's Birthdays!

On Saturday the 15th we went to the Iron Hill Brewery with the whole Chrastina clan + Caitlin to celebrate Jean's and Mom's birthdays! We gave gifts and had a delicious meal, complete with a comedian for a waiter! Happy Birthday Jean & Mom!

(The Birthday Girl opening her gifts.)

(The happy parents.)

(Melissa & Caitlin)

(Ann & Scott)

(Jean & Joe)

<3 The Chrastina's

Welcome Home, Scooter!

On September 15th Jacki and Jordan brought home their new puppy, a miniature dachsund named Scooter! He was inundated with visitors and is finally settling in to his new home and family. Congratulations guys! He's a cutie!

<3 The Chrastina's

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