Saturday, October 4, 2008

Before Pictures - Part 4

Last set of pictures!

Our Bedroom.

More bedroom.

We would like you to notice how none of the bedrooms have closets in the rooms, which is going to require some creativity in terms of storage.

Also, we would like your opinion on something.  Please look at all the rooms upstairs.  We're having difficulty trying to decide how to paint them.  Since all the ceilings are slanted, it's difficult to determine where the ceiling ends and the wall begins.  Any suggestions or advice please!!!!

And remember to stay tuned over the coming months as we unpack and settle into our quirky British cottage!

The Chrastinas

Before Pictures - Part 3

More pictures!!!!

Upstairs hallway - we've already bought a chest for the hallway
to put extra sheets, blankets, and linens in.

Spare Bedroom #1 - this will house a twin bed for guests 
as well as a desk and Melissa's crafting/knitting supplies.

Spare Bedroom #2 - this room will have a double bed 
for guests to stay in.

Upstairs Bathroom - very spacious, but no room for a shower
due to the slanted ceiling.

Upstairs Bathroom.

The Chrastinas

Before Pictures - Part 2

More before pictures of the inside of our house!

Downstairs hallway and cupboard under the stairs - Harry Potter style.

More hallway, internet equipment, and the door that won't open.

Dining room - complete with loaner furniture and hideous tangerine walls.

Living room - with loaner couch and our awesome entertainment center
(i.e. rubbermaid storage containers).

More living room.  There is also a fireplace on the wall you can't see.
We intend on putting bookshelves on either side of the fireplace.

The Chrastinas

Before Pictures - Part 1

Since we're going to be living in our house for the next 3 years, and our landlady has no problem with it, we're going to be painting the rooms of our house.  Here are before pictures of the inside of our house before unpacking, before our furniture is here, and before we paint the different rooms.  Stay tuned over the next few months as we paint and unpack to see the final results!

Downstairs bathroom - the only one with a shower.

Tiny kitchen - which is currently a complete disaster.

More kitchen - thankfully we have a regular size fridge.  
British refrigerators are much smaller.  And yes, our
washer and dryer are in our kitchen.

The office - completely filled with boxes.
This room is currently totally un-usable.

More office.  This is the only room in the house with a closet.

The Chrastinas

Our Life... just completely inundated with boxes!!!!

The Chrastinas

Friday, October 3, 2008

Baby Bosch

For those that don't know Griffin's sister, Ann, is expecting her first baby in February!  Here are pictures from her 10 -week and 20-week sonograms.  They want to be surprised about the baby's sex, so we still don't know the gender of little baby Bosch!

At 10 weeks.

At 10 weeks.

At 20 weeks.

At 20 weeks.

Look!  It already has the Chrastina signature nose!

We can't wait to meet you Baby Bosch!

The Chrastinas

New Pictures of Baby Laela!

Here are updated pictures of my cousin's baby, Laela, at 7 weeks!

The Chrastinas

Newport Background