Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fall 2008

Our Fall began with a trip to Sacrewell Farm and Country Centre! We picked pumpkins, went to pumpkin carving demonstration, and visited the farm and all the animals!

Halloween was fairly uneventful; back in our cottage in the woods we had 3 trick-or-treaters, who were all in the same group of kids! We didn't buy any candy, but luckily we had some in our stash to hand out.

This time of year also saw the arrival of our furniture and tons of unpacking. As well as saying goodbye to our good friend Kate, who departed good ole England to be stationed in Washington D.C.

Thanksgiving was also nice, but busy. We had a big Thanksgiving dinner with friends at our house. Melissa flew back to the U.S. the following day for the weekend to attend her mother's wedding. Congratulations Mom and Greg!

All-in-all a busy time of year! Enjoy some pictures from our trip to the farm!

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